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Brett Harned

Harned works at Happy Cog as a Senior Project Manager, he has a wide experience spanning more than 10 years in communications, and different roles involved in creative team management. Brett usually writes in his blog, Adventures in Project Management by Brett Harned, whose name is really accurate to describe what these posts are about. He comprises several topics, where budgets, clients, meetings, learning, project management are included alongside some others.

His posts are as original as the name of the blog itself; the first that we’ll shortly review compares projects management with a popular arcade video game; Project Management Tetris shows how handling project management without the correct planning would make everything as hard as the hardest level on Tetris when all shapes just stack up.

As an experienced project manager, Harned is aware that he, as well as all other managers, are humans and they’re not supposed to know everything and be able to do everything; after all, they are not Superman. He addresses some advice at his peers and beginners to avoid getting drowned in the management world.

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