If you have any questions related to our deals site, then you’ve come to the right place! If you don’t find the answers that you need, please feel free to contact us and we will make sure to get the right answer for you!

1. Am I getting an exclusive deal?

Yes! We guarantee that if you attempt to find any similar deal, you won't find it. We get exclusive prices and products only for you.

2. How do I download my purchased products?

You will receive an email with download instructions immediately after the purchase is completed.

3. If I have any problem with my product, could I request a refund?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee, should you have any problems with our products. We will always assist you if you have any issue with your purchases.

4. Why are these bundles/deals so cheap?

We love offers and bundles in ByPeople Premium! Our main focus is to get the best deals for you. We negotiate very hard with our partners in order to get high-end products at unbeatable prices, compared to other marketplaces.

5. How often do you post these deals?

We currently offer deals on a weekly basis. We're working on getting even more amazing deals every week!

6. I want to purchase an expired deal, can I do it?

Our deals usually go only for a week. If you missed a deal by just some hours, just send us an email and we'll talk with the author!

7. How do I know when you guys post more deals?

It’s very easy! You can subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly awesome deals.

8. What about the license that is included with the products?

Most likely the license included is both personal and commercial, however, this depends on each author's material. Every deal specifies what kind of license it's under.

9. Can I sell my products on ByPeople Premium?

Of course, get in touch with us to get more information and to talk to someone on our team. You can mail us at hello@bypeople.com, or contact us in our chat!

10. What payment channels do you offer?

PayPal is our main source for payments and purchases currently. If you can't use PayPal, please get in contact with us.

11. What if I need support for the products I purchased?

Don’t worry, our partners will provide full support in case you need it, anytime.

12. For how long can I use a product after I buy it?

Once you have downloaded the deal on your computer, it’ll be yours forever. In case that, for some reason, you need to download it again after a certain time, you can let us know and we will help you out.