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Javascript HTML5 2D Canvas Library

Konva is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications with high-performance animations. Features built-in in support for HDPI devices with pixel ratio optimizations for sharp text and shapes, object oriented API, node nesting and event bubbling, high-performance event detection via color map hashing, layering support, node caching to improve draw performance, node convertion to data URLs, image data, or image objects, drag & drop with configurable constraints and bounds, filters, ready to use shapes including rectangles, circles, images, text, lines, polygons, SVG paths, etc, custom shapes, event driven architecture which enables developers to subscribe to attr change events, layer draw events, serialization & de-serialization, selector support e.g. stage.get(‘#foo’) and layer.get(‘.bar’); desktop and mobile events, custom hit regions, and more!

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