Professional Colorization Software to Add Color to Old B&W Photos. For PC & Mac.

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Today we’ve brought you a truly fantastic deal for an image editing software that allows you to change the colors, or add them to black and white and other monochrome photographies altogether. From our friends at CODIJY, you’ll get a license for CODIJY Pro Studio Service, priced at 299.99 for just 25$!, thats a whopping 92% discount on the regular price!

You can use it to color old photographs, you can create images for Social Media, you can tune and change colors, you can create stunning images just by tweaking colors into more vivid tones, you can also test different color schemes!


So, what do you get? Take a look!

Features (Back to Top)

  • Draw with color strokes! Colorizing photos in CODIJY Pro is easy! Just pick colors, draw color strokes over photo objects and process the image – the program applies selected colors automatically!
  • Preview result in real time! Enable Instant Preview mode and CODIJY Pro will process the images and display the result, as you keep working on your colorization.
  • Pick colors like a pro! Picking colors is the most challenging part of the colorizing process. CODIJY Pro facilitates it with the robust color selection toolbox including advanced Color Picker, Color history and two repaint brushes.
  • Make photos look natural and photorealistic. CODIJY Pro equips you with power Gradient Settings and Gradient Capture tool that allows capturing the sequence of colors and their transitions from similar-looking photos.
  • 32 Color Libraries. Pick colors from an extensive collection of color libraries on the most frequent topics including Faces, Hair, Fabrics, Metal, Grass etc.
  • Protect colors. A special pen allows you to lock monochrome colors in b&w images or protect colors on color photos, thus allowing you to recolor objects on the color photos, while leaving the other objects untouched.
  • Save masks & color history. CODIJY Pro lets save the source image with masks and coloring history to MDG file format.
  • Open and save most popular image formats. CODIJY Pro lets open and save to PNG, JPEG, TIFF and several other popular formats.
  • Works on Mac and Windows! Minimal requirements for Windows: Windows XP or Higher. For Mac: Mac OS 10.7 or Higher.
  • CODIJY Pro Studio Service License allows you to use the software for commercial purposes.


Terms & license

  • Pay once. Own for lifetime
  • After the purchase, you will receive a step-by-step instruction email with your unique serial number.
  • Reselling, sharing, redistributing or giving away is NOT permitted.

Take a look at some images processed with CODIJY (Back to Top)

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