5200+ Colorful Flower Cliparts Megabundle

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A massive collection of colorful flower cliparts featuring over 5200 isolated digital designs of figs, branches, leaves, flowers & more as well as larger compositions such as bouquets, wreaths, floral frames, baskets and others, everything delivered in high resolution stand alone files, perfect for drag & drop platforms such as Photoshop, Canva and Artify

Each element in this collection is delivered in high resolution PNG files wtih transparent backgrounds, and the bundle includes designs themed after all seasons including Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, as well as elements in Boho style

Every design in this collection was hand-made, illustrated with a consistent watercolor design style that makes it simple to mix and match elements from this collection to create wedding invitations, baby shower decor, cosmetics, logo, posters, stationery, gifts wraps, fabrics, sublimation print, magazines and so much more!

Purchased separately these assets would cost well over $1000, but with this limited time deal you can get this massive collection today for just $24!

You Will Receive:

  • 5200+ colorful flower cliparts
  • Watercolor illustration, consistent design style
  • Isolated botanical and floral elements
  • Each element in PNG format with transparent background
  • Perfect for drag & drop tools like Photoshop, Canva or Artify
  • Stand alone flowers and branches as well as large floral compositions
  • Bouquets, wreaths, baskets, frames & more
  • Designs for each season – spring, summer, fall & winter themed collections
  • Commercial use license

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