CSS Bars

(9 submissions) | Sep 27, 2017

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    A cool yet simple sticky header created in CSS and JavaScript. It remains on top of the page while the rest scrolls. The header includes the title of the resource, and it keeps the other elements in place, like the hamburger menus, the search bar and more.

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    A white, 3D bar graphs on a fuchsia background for showing analytical data about your website or blog, created with pure CSS. For a quick assessment, switch among different categories on the navigation bar and check how it moves.

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    A very appealing CSS button that serves for purposes of send or submit actions. It becomes a loading bar once you click it, and when it finishes it becomes a success button.

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    Quite a stylish css button that features a nice animation for purposes such as download, upload, or any process-related action. It stretches into a loading bat shape, and shows a thick as it finishes.

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    Pure CSS Progress is a code snippet that generates 3D liquid looking loading bars that come in 3 different default bright colors featuring glowing and translucid effects. This set of bars was developed by Rafael González.

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    Animated skill bars made with jQuery; they have a glass style and colorful inside made with CSS.

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