CSS Dashboards

(11 submissions) | May 19, 2017

Create and style menus and control panels with any of these CSS Dashboards, integrating a prolific selection of code snippets and templates.

  • Degree, a neatly organized administrative template based on the angular material framework, can be used to measure results on a variety of topics and tasks. It runs Gulp as automatic task runner, SASS to keep CSS files organized and AngularJS for frontend code. Works beautifully on all devices, including mobiles, and supports all browsers including IE 10+.

  • This is an awesome theme for administrative environments with lots of features, CSS3 animations,2 dashboards, different charts, 20+ integrated plugins, 20+ pages, fonts, awesome icons & lots of options.

  • An amazing well designed and structured HTML template showcasing an administration dashboard that uses a fantastic combination of colors, features, and components that will make your admin experience enjoyable.

  • A light, minimal and colorful Bootstrap dashboard template for Bootstrap 3 that can be used to create admin panels, project management systems, web applications backend, CMS or CRM.

  • A dashboard created as an accessible, responsive and certainly good-looking alternative to other admin panels out there. It starts out pretty simple, providing you with a small number of modules to keep things clean, but you can always add more as the project goes along.

  • The CSS admin panel is a complete dashboard user interface with lots of elements for edition and managing of your project. It has tabs for easily accessing any part of the dashboard, overview widgets, progress bars, notifications, tables, pagination and so much more!

  • HTML5 Admin is an amazing admin template that allows you to create beautiful back-end designs with the help of Bootstrap 3. Our creations are fully responsive so we can use them anywhere. Plus, the amount of tools provided assures you’ll always find what you need and more.

  • This is a dashboard template based on Bootstrap. It has all the necessary items for creating a full admin interface with charts, tables, forms, a bootstrap grid and more. You’re also able to modify colors in order to leave little missing in your project.

  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap, TemplateVamp is a fully functional and customizable admin template that leverages the power and flexibility of HTML5 & CSS3. It can be used as a front-end toolkit for rapidly developing web applications that are lightweight, fast, and mobile-friendly.

  • A dashboard inspired by Windows’ Metro style, including the same widgets and layout seen on the original version. The design makes heavy use of grids, featuring elements of different sizes and colors. It’s not responsive, so keep that in mind when implementing.

  • A flat responsive template composed of little tiles that organize the content and options in grids of multiple sizes. It’s made with CSS and HTML and produces a fast and good-looking interface. Developed by Codepen user Christian Naths.

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