CSS Templates

(70 submissions) | May 16, 2017

A large selection of templates made purely in CSS.

  • ‘It’s a set of default css styles applied directly to HTML elements without needing to use classes. Just drop in sakura.css to any webpage and go from ugly looking 1900’s website/plain html sites to a pretty modern website in literally 0 seconds. No need to change HTML of the page. Easy to customize and build on top of sakura. Sakura supports extremely easy theming support using variables for duotone color scheming. Comes with several existing themes, can be found in the css folder of this repository.’

  • ‘Single Page Portfolio / CV template based off Sass and JavaScript: lightweight, responsive, including Bootstrap grid system and Font Awesome. You can edit styles, colours, and scripts fairly easily’

  • Orbit is a nicely crafted CV/Resume template completely built with Bootstrap that comes available in 6 different color schemes.

  • A portfolio template with project preview images that slide out as a way to transition from the main page to the project page. All panels move along the y-axis (x-axis on smaller devices), and the movement is triggered by whether the user wants to learn more about a project, or wants to access the navigation.

  • This is a practical and simple design for online tickets made with CSS and JavaScript, it’s a highly visual interface with the necessary information like number of tickets left, number of people going and range of prices condensed in a drop down menu.

  • Minimalistic newspaper style design divided into five columns, several fonts applied. New responsive design with smooth transition avoiding gaps. Editable HTML, CSS and JS, free download.
    A PEN by Silke V

  • A clean, minimal, and fully responsive bootstrap template that features parallax and nice and smooth damping effects for its scrolling functions and rearranging of elements as window size varies

  • Portefeuille is a one-page website template developed in HTML5 and CSS3. It features a full-width low poly static header background and responsive and animated grid layouts. It can be used by startups and small businesses.

  • AdminLTE is a fully responsive admin template. It is based on Bootstrap 3, it’s highly customizable and easy to use, fits several screen resolutions and it has been carefully coded with clear comments in all of its JS, LESS and HTML files. LESS has been used to increase code customizability. The template is free and it works on modern browsers.

  • A beautiful and responsive template made with validated HTML5 and CSS3, based on Twitter Bootstrap 3. It includes FontAwesome icons, a portfolio layout with 4 columns, pricing tables, post formats, Prettyphoto and Google Maps integration, contact form, Droid sans, Helvetica and lora web fonts and more. This template can be used for free.

  • MP is a sleek template made in HTML5 and CSS which has 6 different pages, totally responsive (index, about, contact, portfolio, shortcodes and projects). It was built using the Kube framework, and it includes tons of design elements to be used freely in your next creation.

  • Hydrogen is an HTML5 one-page template that is responsive. It has been created using Grunt, CoffeScript and SCSS. It includes HTML5 and CSS3 files as required, has SVG’s, filtering, contact form, Google map and more.

    – To use it, you need to clone the repository to install Grunt dependencies.
    – Run Grunt in the terminal to compile SCSS and CoffeScript files.
    – Open the project in an editor and modify whatever you like.

    It was created by Vadim Goncharov and it is free to download.

  • Ophiuchus is a free responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template that is perfect for business. It is built using the Bootstrap framework and it’s fully responsive. The template has a flat style and was created by Behance​’s user Jenn Pereira.

  • A freebie that comes in the form of a pixel-perfect HTML5/CSS3 template created by Peter Finlan. It is particularly useful for simple sites such as portfolios or start-up sites as its big and simple divisions make for a quick view of the content. It is built with some of the latest technologies, including Bootstrap, Smooth Scroll, Animate.css and more.

  • A gorgeous template created with the latest tools around such as CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and a 12 column grid bootstrap framework, and it shows. The template has a solid, modern look and is heavily animated, but this doesn’t stop it from running smoothly and carrying a lot of features.

  • An attractive one-page HTML and CSS template powered by Twitter Bootstrap. It is mostly intended for portfolio and creative people who want to showcase their content with a fresh and modern look. It is fully responsive and has a menu hidden on the top left that comes in and out at the press of a button, resulting in an elegant navigation aid.

  • A clean and classy e-commerce template made in CSS and HTML that will allow you to display your products with style and sell/ship them right away to your customers. The template itself is clean and modern-looking, utilizing white and delicate orange details, as well as a big amount of images (vital for showing the products you’re offering). 

  • The Fudi template is a nice creation for hotels, restaurants and any other food & services company. It is a responsive template made with Bootstrap and created in HTML and CSS. The template has a flat style, and if you add beautiful images, they integrate perfectly with the rest.

    Within you can find:

    – Logo and simple sing up / login menu on the upper area.
    – Responsive featured image.
    – Caption area in the middle of the featured image.
    – Big button.
    – Icons for widgets.
    – “App” area.
    – Recommendations area.
    – Featured category thumbnails.
    – Stats on footer.

    Fudi was created by Kristijan Binski and you can download it for free.

  • Nina is a free HTML and CSS minimal template for blog or portfolio purposes. It contains five complete pages (Home, About, Portfolio, Blog, Contact), created by Flay. It has a responsive version and you can download the PSDs if you need to make further adaptations, but you have to pay for them.

  • Brushed is a free one-page responsive HTML and CSS template based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. It is optimized for Retina Displays (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook Pro Retina). Perfect for studios, digital agencies or creative people in general. You can use this template for any project.

  • Escape Velocity is a free responsive site template built with HTML5 and CSS3. It contains a cool menu on top, a header, some beautiful flat icons and lots of widgets. It is flat, but it uses a noise pattern to make it look like old paper, and it was released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, so use it for any of your personal or commercial projects, just be sure to credit the author.

  • A cross-browser compatible website template created in code version (HTML and CSS) and PSD format that has a very pleasant blue background, which makes it very appealing to the eyes of any client. It is a responsive website template with four content sliders on top, where you can display the latest brands or products with a catchy description and price.

  • Voyage is a nice, simple template in code (HTML and CSS) and PSD versions so you can adapt it to your next project easily. This template can be used in any travel blog or website, including the necessary element to show your experiences or motivate others to travel.

  • Author is a personal portfolio made in CSS and HTML that comes with a free flat responsive web design template. You can use this template for any type of website. This web template is built in a fancy style and it includes a good color scheme and grid styled elements.

  • The guys at W3Layouts bring us Yolk, a flat eCommerce HTML and CSS template that will allow you to showcase all your products with elegance in multiple devices, now that it comes in desktop, smartphone and old mobile versions for the comfort of your users. You can also make a blog for giving additional information and feed your customer community.

  • A beautiful, responsive HTML5 and CSS3 template created by the skillful team of HTML5Up. The theme is very simple, but also quite elegant, featuring sections composed of background images followed by flat white backgrounds filled with icons for a splendid visual aesthetic. Of course, the template is available for free by clicking the download button above.

  • Foto is a beautiful template that comes in both code (HTML5 and CSS3) and PSD file to better suit your working style and make sure you take the most advantage from it. As you probably guessed by its name, this theme is aimed at photographers, illustrators or anyone who wants to put images as the main source of content.

  • Strata is a beautiful template made in HTML5 and CSS3, divided in two parts in its desktop view: on one side, it has an image bar including a profile pic, a little description and some contact info, on the other side there’s the blog. Strata can be used by bloggers and writers for free. It was created by HTML5 UP.

  • Horizons is a nice template created in HTML5 and CSS3 especially for small businesses, freelance creatives and portfolios. It has a simple top menu, a featured image, caption and action button. Also, it includes design elements like widgets, blog posts area, business features, and more. It is free.

  • Spirit8 is an HTML and CSS template crafted for businesses, small companies and even freelance creatives who need a professional site to show their services and products. It includes several areas like big logo, about us, team, services, clients, testimonials and contact. It can be used personally or commercially.

  • Transit is a responsive one-page HTML5 and CSS3 template, created with mobile devices in mind. The template includes a simple top menu, big featured image with title, description and action button within, features area, about and team area and contact form. It was created by Templated.

  • Helios is a responsive template available for free made in HTML5 and CSS3. It is perfect for photography bloggers who like to tell stories along with their pictures. The theme includes a big image header with a menu, logo and caption, some thumbnails, blog area, social icons, and more.

  • Photon is a beautiful landing page made in HTML5 and CSS3. A template that uses big images, contained within an organized layout. It is responsive and includes icons for featuring products, thumbs grid, sign up form and social icons, among others. The template can be downloaded for free and it was created by HTML5UP.

  • White is a creative one page HTML & CSS theme that can be used as a portfolio, agencies, and more. It has a menu on top, featured image with thumbs for easy navigation, features area, team, testimonials, and footer. White is responsive, and it was created by Eva Theme.

  • A clean, modern and responsive web template made in HTML5 and CSS3, perfect for portfolios and resume sites. It has a simple design, yet powerful and complete option to show your areas of expertise, abilities and more. The template has a beautiful front featured image, logo area and description, menu and social sharing icons.

    You can use this template freely, and it’s is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

  • A crafted theme thought for content highlighting and mobile visualization. It is an HTML5 / CSS3 single page template with elegant typography, dark background, bright colors and beautiful images. Made by designer and coder Rick Waalders.

  • A responsive template freebie created in HTML5 and CSS3especially crafted for apps and portfolios. The template includes a big blurred image as the header, top fixed bar, title and caption with sign up buttons. Also, it has a “features” area, a sign-up form and social icons. It was made by HTML5 UP.

  • A cool landing page template made in HTML and CSS, totally free to download and use on any project. It is composed of various design elements like a big image header, including logo, menu on top, and a mobile mockup for showing your apps and a little description on the side. It also includes features area, clients, extended product description, testimonials and more. It was created by Creative Tim.

  • Oleose is a beautiful Bootstrap template made with Bootstrap (CSS), specially created for mobile devices as an app landing page. It has areas for featured images, about us, features, reviews, screens, demo, get app and support. It was created by Moe Shaaban and it is licensed under MIT.

  • A beautiful HTML5 and CSS3 template focused on huge images, simple divisions, parallax scrolling and a fully responsive design. A straightforward design that fits well with one-pagers. The theme can be used as a business website, a portfolio or even as a product page template for showing its features.

  • A beautiful flat and responsive HTML & CSS template called IT Worker that features parallax effects, a sticky top navigation bar, about skill bars, and more.

  • A landing page and responsive template made in CSS and HTML that can be used as a portfolio, a resume for a freelancer, or simply for bloggers. The template has spaces for Latest News, App Showcase, Skills, Quotes, Map and many more elements. It is licensed under MIT, so you can use it any way you need.

  • A set of beautiful and colorful animated graphs for statistics made with CSS and JavaScript. It creates sparkline graphs, perfect for representations of stock variation or site traffic, as well as circular percentage bars, a trend useful to show skills’ and abilities. This pen was created by Jonas Badalic.

  • Devoops is an ideal Bootstrap template to jumpstart your next web application. This theme is built in Bootstrap 3 and is available under GPL licensing. This free bootstrap admin template comes with a dashboard layout, flow charts, Google Maps integration, multilevel menu, table structures and widget elements, among other features. It is free to use in any project.

  • Karmanta is a compelling free admin template. It is responsive and multipurpose admin theme powered by the Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Framework. Karmanta can be used for any type of web app dashboard, including custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, SAAS and websites. It has a minimal, sleek, clean and intuitive design which makes your next project look awesome and yet user-friendly.

  • A customizable CSS Style Guide template with the goal of gathering design guidelines and share them with colleagues and clients. It works perfectly on environments in which many people collaborate. It includes styling for branding, typography, colors, icons and more. It was created by Sebastiano Guerriero.

  • AppView is a free flat landing page CSS template that was created by Nikita Belousov. This template is perfect for showcasing your mobile apps, and it can be used for the landing page website of your next product or service.

  • A responsive HTML5 and CSS3 design for any blog. It has the regular elements of a website such as a header, menus, featured post frame, content widgets and more. Images and links have nice hover effects. The containers have simple shadows and the layout comes in a minimal style. You can always grab the code and modify it, for free.

  • A free responsive minimal style Bootstrap template named Andia. This template comes laid out in several fully responsive pages, including home, portfolio, services, about, contact, and it’s perfect for creating a website for a small business or a personal portfolio.

  • A modern business website template made in HTML and CSS in its coded version, and also made as PSD. Named as BisLite, the website template comes in three pages — home, portfolio and contact us. The template is composed of a big slider, some widgets for text with icons, other widgets for images, and more. It has a flat style. BisLite template is free.

  • Obscura has a free HTML and CSS version that is inspired by the responsive premium WordPress theme of the same name. If you do not think you have enough knowledge on HTML and would like to have a theme with an admin panel along with post formats featuring full-screen gallery, working contact form, and font, color and background options, it is perfect for you. 

    This template is a responsive blog creation with 8 post format options (standard, image, gallery, video, quote, link, chat, audio) and an amazing full-screen gallery. With these features, it is convenient not only for photographers but everyone with love for blogging.

  • Halftone is a responsive portfolio showcase for creatives and designers created with HTML and CSS. With a responsive design, this creative portfolio showcase it’s perfect for personal blog/portfolio websites. It features blog and work posts on the front page, a Google map and a contact form.

  • Serendipity is a free HTML version of the fully responsive premium WordPress theme with the same name. The free version is only for personal use. It is a one column blog theme, with 8 post formats (standard, image, gallery, video, audio, chat, quote, link) and it is convenient for everyone with love of blogging. With its minimal design, great color and typography use on your blog, it will provide high readability to your visitors. They also will be able to reach your posts via various devices and read them comfortably.

  • Minimal Bio Responsive Site Template is a compelling theme made with HTML and CSS for enhancing your website’s functionality. The template is completely adjustable and can be edited the way you like. It includes the nice little CSS animation where the content flies down from above the screen. It’s also completely responsive so it will look great on mobile phones too.

  • A set of 4 responsive Bootstrap landing page templates of different sorts called Produkta. This set contains templates for featuring videos of upcoming products, new iPhone application promotions, and for announcing eBooks and assorted coming soon projects. All of the templates can be used for both commercial or personal projects.

  • A responsive register template with full-screen background slideshow, built with Twitter Bootstrap. It comes with a clean registration form and all the necessary fields, an iPhone mockup to show a screenshot of your application or service, and a header menu to display your logo and some links. The template has also a jQuery form validation to prevent a user from submitting the form without filling all the required fields.

  • The HTML & CSS version of the premium WordPress Tumblog theme Socialike with 3 bonus homepages. It has 3 sliders (Awkward, Nivo, and Piecemaker), blog, gallery and styling options. Also, it has beautiful realistic icons to help descriptions be more assertive, admits lots of different media, like videos, images and more, and then organises them into the post in a compelling way. It is free only for personal use.

  • Delphic is a clean and minimalist HTML and CSS template that is convenient to use as an online creative portfolio, and it is totally free! Now it includes new features like patterns, fonts, working contact form, vertical carousel, horizontal carousel, cycle slider, blog page, single portfolio post, tabs, toggle, rich styling options, among many more.

  • A portfolio template created in CSS, HTML and JavaScript, a quick, clean, responsive web design perfect for showcasing demos, tutorials, and courses, emphasizing in responsive design. It has a flat style, the typography is quite simple so you can easily edit it and improve it.

  • Antwort is a set of responsive layouts for email, and since it was originally made for transactional emails with dynamic content, the layouts are thoroughly tested in live environments with real data and edge cases. It satisfies both mobile and desktop users adapting the layout and the design of the newsletters so they are interesting in both scenarios, and it supports every email client available.

  • A flat responsive template composed of little tiles that organize the content and options in grids of multiple sizes. It’s made with CSS and HTML and produces a fast and good-looking interface. Developed by Codepen user Christian Naths.

  • Parallelism is a cool freebie for a portfolio site template. It is partially responsive (automatically adjusting rows based on viewport size) but it uses a horizontal scroll, not precisely handy. It has been built on HTML5 and CSS3, and free for whatever you want to create. It was created by Dribbble’s user aj.

  • Johann Bestowrous has uploaded a beautiful template sample made in CSS that includes large images and big titles which get displayed in fantastic ways when you scroll the page down. This template can be used for portfolio websites themes, it’s responsive and the code is editable so you can alter anything any way you like.

  • A particular freebie displays a magazine template with a gangsta concept. It makes use of gigantic typography so it gives the impression of shocking news. It also has a flatly styled layout that takes advantage of red, white and black colors, as well as photographs in grey tones. It was uploaded by Gene Locklin to Codepen.

  • Uploaded by ZERGE from, this is a footer made for the Claystone Theme created with CSS and HTML that shows a cool way to turn off and on a light in the main icons when the user hovers over the sections. It adapts to different screens, not in the way we all expect since the icons stick together while the texts disarray.

  • A simple dashboard created in HTML and CSS by Asif Aleem. It has different tabs, notification bubbles, an iconic menu, a logo space, and the main container in which you can find the required elements, like error messages, warning signs and success alerts, among many more. This was created with Photoshop in the first place.

  • Internet Dreams have come up with this admin skin made in CSS to assist users with their own backend applications. The idea behind the design was for it to be user-friendly, clean and appealing, providing all the tools needed to produce any type of backend system GUI. The project is free to use, with master PSD files also supplied.

  • A rather basic CSS admin panel that features a stylish dark skin. It includes all necessary elements for a complete interface (widgets, stats, to-do list, etc.), neatly organized within its minimal layout. Additionally, the panel on the left side offers easy navigation through the site’s sections. Created and shared on CodePen by David HC.

  • A free vCard Theme. Built in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, it includes features like a contact form, photo gallery, an iconic menu, and a social link. It has an elegant design, and it is best suited for agencies, freelancers and personal related website.

  • With this code snippet, we can create simple and responsive newsletter layout. It  is composed by an image header, the main container, the footer, and a visible unsubscribe button. It works perfect for app, software or development companies, and works in multiple devices. It was developed by user Max from CodePen.

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