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CSS3 For Web Designers review

A review by Nathan Davies

This book got me into trouble with the family – it is one of those books that I looked for any spare five minutes to read. Not all books fit into this category. In itself this is testament to how well written the book is and how engaging its content is. So, what is it that makes this short book so useful? It’s short.

It covers only those elements of CSS3 that we can realistically make use of today. Using one constant example throughout the book the topics covered outline how to enhance the experience layer of your website without the risk of negatively impacting the functionality. The code samples in the book can be used and played with to really get an understanding of what is going on. Furthermore Dan provides links to tools that will help along the way – let’s be honest few of us remember all the syntax we use.
Starting with a brief history of CSS we can see that there have always been browser differences and these should not be feared. In fact there is a very strong argument against making all browsers look the same.

The high level discussions around how to implement CSS3 properly at this stage also give a proper understanding to the use of vendor prefixes. Using this knowledge and keeping an eye on CSS3, we as designers and developers can know how and when to implement something new from CSS3 in a project.

Covering key developments in CSS3 Dan gives you the tools to enhance your site. Focusing on the experience layer and showing how those older browsers (*cough* IE) will degrade without negative impact makes a strong case for using CSS3 now. The example site and full source are made available in the book so you can view the results and play with the code. Personally I find experimentation to be the best way to learn and this idea is written into the heart of this book.

If you are developing websites then this book will help you to improve your end product, it even taught me a thing or two about CSS more generally. I for one will be utilizing CSS3 in my next project.

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“A hard working web developer with a passion for making things better on the web. Currently working for a large group of schools in the UK on a massive web development project. Hailing from Wales and living in the North East I love to hike and bike whenever I get the chance. You can follow me on twitter.com/nathj07

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