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Free Log-In Form using HTML5 and CSS3

A simple and modern log-in form using HTML5 and CSS3 is the latest project from Web Designer & Front-end Developer Kamal Chaneman, an experienced web designer/developer that creates design in accordance with current trends, semantic XHTML and CSS code that passes W3C validation, as seen in this log-in form design.

The simplicity and cleanness of the design doesn’t rest from it’s accessibility features such as the register and lost your password options, and the validation tooltip instruction integrated in the username and password fields, which  highlight when clicked on to assure an easy log in progression for handicapped users. You see, it overall provides diverse and options all integrated within a such simple design.

So for those of you still struggling to find or create the perfect log-in form to compliment your clean website design, now there’s nothing left to do but to click on the image and enjoy the latest of the many fresh resources that we’ll be bringing you here at on a daily basis.

So, don’t take my word for it and check it out now.

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