Cute Cartoon Character Generator: Over 600 Items

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Hello there, with this enormous Cute Cartoon Character Generator you can build as many funny characters or avatars as you like. With all the items in here you can bring to life almost any human mascot  or character, either for your work projects or just for fun, because they are all resizable, interchangeable and fully editable vector paths in illustrator; you have a wide variety of shapes, positions, clothing options and hair-dos, plus funny and cute facial expressions that make the characters pop up. Play around with all the heads, bodies, arms, legs, faces, hair and accessories of this cartoon maker to build yourself, your friends, family, favourite movie or TV characters and a gazillion possible characters!

cute_cartoon_character_generator_intro Web cartoon_character_face_02 cartoon_hair_03 cartoon_character_beard_04 cartoon_character_male_05 cartoon_character_female_06 cartoon_arms_07 cartoon_legs_08 cartoon_vector_accessories_09 cartoon_hipster_character_10 cartoon_cool_character_11 cartoon_girl_character_12 cartoon_famous_character_13 cartoon_famous_character_14 cartoon_famous_character_15

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