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Dan Saffer

Here we have Dan, an interaction designer who has written five books on design. These books touch several topics regarding mobile design (Designing Devices), gestural interfaces, interactions and microinteractions. You must have already noticed that he is obsessed with interaction design. However, he works as a Creative Director in a company called Smart Design, in San Francisco.

He has been working since 1995 designing devices, apps, websites, interiors of automobiles, services and even robots. He claims that millions of people every day use the products he has designed, and he is proud to say he owns a Masters of Design in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University, patenting several of his designs.

He curates books, articles, videos and presentations about design for The Interaction Design Library, and he has written some more on taming algorithms, UX, multipurpose devices and if they are better than one function devices, innovation and other compelling topics.

His patents include a soft shell for a diabetes management system, a remote control device for a diabetes management system, and several other elements for products that generate a preview of content items.

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