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Dan Wascovich

Dan works as a User Experience strategist that has made a life in interaction design and information design, human factors, user research, goal-directed and user-centered design, among other mobile areas. He specializes in efficient, cross-functional collaboration and synthesis, transforming requirements to create directed and user-focused computer interfaces. He works to deliver usable products while balancing business goals, monetization and market timing.

He has become a relevant player in Silicon Valley and his products have been used all around the world, but he has also managed to become influential in other places, mainly in 6 Asian markets including Singapore, where he built fantastic and productive UX teams to penetrate those markets.

He has patented lots of products, in which we can include “Multimedia sharing in social networks for mobile devices,” “Social networking for mobile devices,” “Social namespace addressing for non-unique identifiers,” “Subscription control panel,” and more, a set that includes about 10 patents in varied areas, and he has helped entrepeneurs as well as product designers to understand better the users and their relation with the product.


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