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Daniel Eden

Daniel Eden grew up in Manchester, UK, he is socially active in the net as he shares a lot of his works and thoughts in the main social networks available. A designer who also codes, he is currently studying Digital Media Technology at Nottingham Trent University, and he is about to complete his studies since he is in his final year.

Eden’s blog, which carries his own name, comprises several articles related to his life, going through how he’s been in full touch with different technologies over the years. Realigning, published in January 2013, addresses the importance of producing contents which could be easily read by users, as an effort to embrace content first practices, while giving importance to achieving a good result when displayed, assuring that the content, ergo the message is going to be conveyed properly.

Building A Brand shows the personal process that Daniel went through in order to acquire a logo able to represent what he did. Unlike some other branding processes, Eden emphasizes on the fact that he didn’t expect that people were able to link his logo to his name just by seeing it, but wanted to have something simple, which actually represented his work.

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