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Daniel Howells

Founder of Howells Studio, Daniel helps people, either independent small companies or large design studios, to achieve great practices and results based on digital strategy and website design, development and prototyping, areas in which Daniel has enough proficiency. Howells also founded siteInspire, which is a curated showcase that covers the best of website design and development. Creative Journal is another site created and edited by him, and, similar to siteInspire, is also a curated showcase, in this case about the most interesting design, art, architecture and photography.

Howells shared some of what he learned when working on siteInspire in his blog entry A few things I learned from redesigning and redeveloping siteInspire. There, he points out the importance of remaining focused at any project in progress, specially if it is a personal one, gathering enough advice from the right people and keeping sight on the goal as well as avoiding unnecessary complexities.

On the “flat design” aesthetic is a review he made of a couple of articles that promote the idea of having flat designs on user interfaces, as the mainstream is setting the trend, instead of skeuomorphic elements; this could be achieved with simple trimmings for common viewers and would not have enough impact in actual user experience.

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