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Dave Rupert

Dave Rupert, co-founder and lead developer at Paravel Studios, co-host of Shop Talk, an influential front-end web design podcast, and The ATX Webshow is the man you should read about if you have need for web design and development advice. Along with Mr. Frost below, he’s also one of the leading responsive design experts on the web and has written several articles on the subject, which go pretty deep on the new problems responsive design generates, or the ones about transitioning into a fluid and adaptive web design.

Among his best works at Paravel you can find their redesign for the main Microsoft website which is also a great example of responsive web design and the Lost World’s Fairs website, which was a promotional project made to celebrate the launch of Internet Explorer 9 (don’t laugh, there are people who like to celebrate such an event).

His own website, which doubles as a blog of sorts, can be found here. You’ll find all sorts of useful technical and trade articles regarding all manners of front-end web design.

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