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David Desandro

A question pops up into the brain of everyone who tries to talk about David Desandro: do people create things because they want to or because they need to? Whatever the case, Desandro needs to be working on something, preferably something with a little bit of edge to it, otherwise he gets cranky. He cares more about the quantity than the quality because, to him, it’s not the end result that matters but the fact that he’s got his hands and brain to concentrate on something. Nevertheless, his talent is pretty remarkable for someone who claims not to care for quality. He has amassed a considerable body of work along the years.

He also updates regularly several blogs about anything that grabs his attention. You can check Dropshadows for information on everything front-end development, Smallblog for anything he might be thinking about at the moment or Metafizzy if you want to check out his products.

Among the noteworthy things he has done, it’s hard not to mention his exhaustive guide on CSS 3D transformations, to be able to give your website some dynamic, experimental, flavour. These days he’s busy with a full time job as a Web Designer for twitter so he has dialed down his output of personal projects a bit.

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