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David Walsh

David Walsh is just an average guy on the street by day, but on the web he’s known as David Walsh, web developer extraordinaire, developer of Mootools, a compact and powerful JavaScript framework for web developers and that’s just the surface, for starters. He’s also founder of Wynq Web Labs, a website optimization studio he helms and Script And Style, a twitter account he maintains that aims “to make web designers and developers better by promoting important web design/dev articles”.

You’ll find more about him in his own website, through which he publishes helpful web design articles and maintains a community of like-minded web developers which share knowledge and tips through his forums.

Among the many articles he has written you’ll find some very useful tips and tricks for web development, such as this one or that one. Be sure to read the quick tips as well which will deliver instant and helpful advice on a variety of subjects. If you are up for it, you could also hit him up on Xbox Live and play Call of Duty.

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