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Denise Jacobs

As an author she has written “The CSS Detective”, a great book about tracking down errors, bugs and glitches in your CSS code and solving them, and co-written “InterAct with Web Standards: A holistic approach to Web Design” which as part of The Web Standards project, aims to become an integral part of web design and development educational textbooks around the world. As a speaker she is known for her inspiring talks on harnessing and boosting creativity. As an industry veteran with over 13 years of experience, Denise Jacobs is the go-to woman for seasoned and tested advice on web development.

Since she is a creativity evangelist, she is constantly in search of new ways to harness and control creative process; it’s one of her favorite writing subjects as a cursory glance at her articles for A List Apart and .Net Magazine may reveal. Her expertise on CSS techniques is also a constant subject for her articles.

Her portfolio shows remarkable examples of graphic and web design and is well worth a watch as a showcase of good design practices.

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