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Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers is a strange man. Once, the guy responsible for one of the first online music stores and the first music store to distribute indie music online, was at the top of the world. Then he gave his company away to charity and they sold it, giving him 5% of the profits monthly until his death, when everything will go to the charity. That company was CD Baby, his baby, and he sold it. He went one day to bed, asking himself if he should sell, fully expecting a no for an answer. What he got, instead, was pretty surprising: “This time it was different. I thought how nice it’d be to not have 85 employees and all that responsibility. I wrote how nice it’d be to get outside a bit and feel free from all that. I got excited about all the cool new projects I could do instead.” What else goes through the mind of this guy? You can read his blog to find out.

He writes about business, technology, music, and many other topics of interest. You can read how he learned JavaScript or about his book “Anything you want” or why he decided to give his company to charity.

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