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Devon Govett

Devon is a web developer settled in San Luis Obispo, California, USA. He is the brilliant author of projects such as Png.js, a PNG decoder in JavaScript for the canvas element or for Node.js; Slang, a set of functions for working with strings in JS on the server or CommonJS outside of it. ANother of his creations is PDFKit for Node.js, a PDF document generation library for Node, written entirely in CoffeeScript. He is currently working in the next version as he has teased recently via Twitter.

Frequently, Govett posts blog entries at his site Badass JavaScript, which he defines as “A showcase of awesome JavaScript code that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on the web” which is clearly an indicator of his tendency of being on the edge, looking for awesome innovations and going beyond existing trends.

Let’s take a glance to one of his entries about brand-new stuff in JavaScript: MathBox.js: A 3d Math Visualization Library using WebGL. Here, he points out the work of Steven Wittens, reviewing this library that works alongside WebGL to load some shared content and whose goal is displaying mathematical relationships as well as animate them smoothly; it includes mathematical functions and chained methods which define how these functions will be displayed.

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