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Divya Manian

It’s hard to find a developer who doesn’t preserve all the code they write, you know, for science, yet here she is. Divya Manian is one of those devs. Perhaps it’s her eastern heritage, perhaps she is way too much into Heraclitus, who knows. The fact is that she isn’t into permanence or community sharing, she supports those practices but doesn’t personally engage into them. How does it relate to you? Well, her blog may not be there tomorrow, for starters. “All that will be lost, like tears in the rain…”

In there you’ll find a sharp mind, ready to share her knowledge and hand out useful advice regarding new web standards. She likes to be on the edge of development as an open web standards advocate. Some must-read articles include a guide on how to optimize websites for responsive design by removing unnecessary decimals or leaving the calculations to the browser, which makes the code clearer and easier to understand for further developments or collaborations and an article about CSS object models which provides APIs that allow you to query and manipulate stylesheets.

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