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Dmitry Fadeyev

Not too much is known about Dimitry’s origins and personal life, however, he has made superb contributions to the web which have given him a lot of recognition. For example, Fadeyev has created Usaura, a site which works as a micro tool to measure the performance and usability strengths and weaknesses of given web site or web app. In addition, Dimitry created UsabilityPost, a blog which tackles topics related to user experience and usability improvements.

One of these posts addresses the user experience from the device features’ perspective. The UX Threshold sets the relationship between a great usability and users’ selected device; he quotes great authors like Jakob Nielsen and Lukas Mathis and points out some pros and cons of creating an idea of a device’s usability depending on its specifications, meaning its power or lack of it.

Effects of Typography on Reader Mood and Productivity shows the results obtained as of an experiment performed in two groups of people, some of them had to read certain text with great typographies and some others with unreadable ones. As a conclusion, there are shown the effects of such typographies in these people’s mood, sincerity and performance.

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