Draft Font Family: 144 Font Variations For Desktop & Web Use – OTF, TTF, SVG, EOT, WOFF & WOFF2

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This deal delivers the complete Draft font family from Yellow Design Studio, a real powerhouse type suite featuring 144 font variations with 9 different weights, from Hairline thin fonts to Blacks & 8 different widths, which provides it with unparalelled versatility and fine grain control over typographic styles

The font is delivered in OTF file format for desktop & TTF, EOT, SVG, WOFF & WOFF2 for web use, so you can use this amazing font everywhere you need for all kinds of purposes, from branding to display, body copy, headlines, etc

The font includes tons of opentype features, various sets of stylistic alternates, subtle ligatures, oldstyle numerals, tabular numerals, case sensitive form numerators, denominators, superscript, subscript and many more, and with almost 600 glyphs, this font offers a full complement of professional typographic features and extensive language support to see you through any kind of project.

Regularly this font family goes for $253.50, so take advantage of this deal while you can and get it for just $17!

This Deal Delivers:

  • The complete Draft font suite
  • 144 font variations
  • 9 different weights (Hairline to Black)
  • 8 different widths (A to H) for major flexibility & fine-grain control
  • Over 600 glyphs
  • Extensive language support
  • Desktop & web use licenses

Note: this font may be used for personal or commercial projects. See the Desktop license and the Webfont license for more details

Draft’s OpenType Features Include

  • Alternate a – accessed with Stylistic Alternates or Stylistic Set 1
  • Alternate g – accessed with Swash or Stylistic Set 2
  • Alternate t – accessed with Titling Alternates or Stylistic Set 3
  • Alternate Q – accessed with Ornaments or Stylistic Set 4
  • Alternate Ampersand 1 – accessed with Stylistic Set 5
  • Alternate Ampersand 2 – accessed with Stylistic Set 6 Underlined Ordmasculine, Ordfeminine – accessed with Stylistic Set 7
  • Alternate underlined Ordfeminine – accessed with Stylistic Set 8
  • Subtle Ligatures (for improved text flow)
  • Oldstyle Numerals
  • Tabular Numerals
  • Case-Sensitive Forms Numerator, Denominator, Superscript, Subscript
  • Automatic Fractions

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