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Drop down menus with jQuery plugin

Thanks to jQuery, now it’s possible to create awesome interactions and animations without Flash and only mastering the main principles of this famous JavaScript library. There are many different ways of working with menus, some of them easier than others and more suitable for designers and developers who are always looking for new ways of making awesome menu elements.

Us part of our research of new methods that can save us time and optimize our developing process we have found this great jQuery plugin. What it does is grab standard HTML nested lists and turns them into horizontal mega menus.


There are major advantages between this mega drop down menu and the regular ones. First of all you can display all the options at the same time, displaying sub menus is much easier and it does not require a mouse expert to make things work, all the groups can be easily structured and formatted with CSS. On the site you can find the complete code if you want to understand its functionality and to add more great news, you can find a couple of links pointing to the WordPress version of the plugin and jQuery Vertical Mega Menu. You can check the Examples section to see different implementations of the plugin that can really save you a lot of time.


Some of the features included on the plugin are:

  • Change the class given to the parent li tags.
  • Establish the number of submenus in each row.
  • Configure the drop down speed for very row of the menu.
  • Switch between “slide” or “fade” animations.


You can visit the “Examples” section to check all the different styles and options that you can work with in order to give the best appearance to your drop down menus.


Original link: jQuery Mega Drop Down Plugin

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