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Editing and sharing images as a pro with Minus

Hi friends! Today we’ve got exciting news. The guys from minus.com have contacted us and as you might know Minus is a free, drag ‘n drop based file and photo sharing website. Let it be said: we Love Minus! This tool has helped us a lot through our editing process thus easing life for us, so we wanted to publish this review and show you its features.

We did not ask for any kind of payment from them: we publish it because we think it is a great tool that could be useful to you as it’s been useful to us, so it’s worth to use.

Introduction To Minus

With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, Minus succeeds in providing a productive file sharing experience.


When you first join Minus, you will be greeted by your dashboard.  The dashboard is a one stop hub where you can manage your own files and folders, view your friends’ files and folders, and even search for new content.  When you initially join Minus, you are granted a total of 10 GB of space. The dashboard also acts as a place where you can view the amount of space you are using.

Digging into Features

Sharing content through Minus has unmatched ease.  It is as simple as highlighting some files on your computer and dropping them into your browser.  For users that do not wish to take advantage of the wonderful new HTML5 libraries, Minus also offers a button where you can upload files using a more conventional selection panel.  All files are shared as “private” by default, but you can also publish them to the public.


Once files are uploaded, Minus provides multiple mediums of sharing the folder or files within it.  You have the option to embed an iFrame file viewer, HTML code, BB code, etc.  If you do not like the URL of the folder or any of the filenames, Minus also allows you to change those.

One great element of Minus that is not apparent in other file sharing websites is the social connections to other users.  With Minus, you can follow other users to instantly get notified when they publish a file or folder.  Just as well, you can send private messages to other users – just like you would in Facebook or Twitter.   In a web 2.0 era, Minus succeeds in being a social network centered around files.

Circumstances may call for times when you need to access your files without access to a browser.  Luckily, Minus offers two great applications for Android and iOS.  These applications provide you a simpler, mobile way to view and edit your files.  Aside from consuming content, you can even upload and contribute files on the go.  Keeping true with cloud technology, any changes you make on the go will instantly affect your profile on the website, and vice versa.


If you wish to avoid the browser or smartphone altogether, Minus offers simple extensions for Windows, Mac OSX, and Ubuntu.  File sharing is just as simple using these applications as they are on the website – and all keep true with drag ‘n drop functionality.  I had a particularly pleasurable time whilst using the desktop application for Windows.  It was very neat seeing a near exact recreation of the Minus website, except on a native application.



My time using Minus has been without many complaints. I have only really seen occasional issues when it comes to stability in some of their external extensions and applications.  However, all bugs are sure to be ironed out in due time.


  • The Minus interface is wonderfully easy to use
  • You receive 10 GB of space just for signing up
  • Following other people is easier than ever
  • Sharing files using drag ‘n drop is a refresh
  • It doesn’t seem like files are ever deleted
  • Offers a flurry of external, mobile applications and extensions
  • You can link your account with Twitter and Facebook
  • Sharing code is provided right in front of you
  • You can preview files in browser without downloading


  • Mobile applications are occasionally unstable
  • Nearly all types of images are allowed, including adult images without warning
  • Overlays are sometimes in the way when viewing large images

If you are interested in visiting Minus, you can go to Minus Website or their Tools Page

Another great tool for image editing is Pixtick. This has a great feature Minus lacks: the capability to paste images from the clipboard. We recommended minus to implement this feature since it’s very useful. the good news is that their actually working on it.


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