Elegant Serif Fonts Pack – 50+ Modern & Classy Fonts in OTF, TTF, WOFF & WOFF2 Formats

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This collection delivers 50 different type families of elegant serif fonts, with a variety of designs from thin and classy fonts to thicker, more modern designs, with ornamental and stylish serifs, perfect for logos, posters and flyers, brand typography, elegant typography for websites and more.

There’s a total of 100 fonts in 4 file formats including OTF & TTF as well as WOFF & WOFF2, and you can use them on desktop as well as websites and web platforms.

The fonts feature uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation symbols, multilingual characters, standard ligatures as well as stylistic alternative character sets, so you can customize them to a degree, depending on your typographic needs.

With this collection you will get unique, classy and elegant typography that will help you create beautiful digital and print compositions, and make your branding or design projects standout even more.

Regularly this collection would be priced $850, but with this limited time bundle you can get all of these elegant serif fonts for just $19!

You Will Receive:

  • 100 fonts in 4 different file formats for desktop & web
  • 50 elegant font families
  • Desktop fonts in OTF & TTF formats
  • Web fonts in WOFF & WOFF2 formats
  • Perfect typography for display purposes
  • Modern & classy design
  • Letters with ornamental elements
  • Fonts with thick and thin designs
  • Uppercase and Lowercase
  • Numerals
  • Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Accents (Multilingual Characters)
  • Ligatures and Alternative Style Stylistic Set
  • Commercial use license

This package contains the 50 font families listed below:

  • Bergante Classy Serif Font
  • Hochagi Classy Serif Font
  • Gisrida Modern Serif Font
  • Megistica Modern Serif Font
  • Bulgeria Classy Serif Font
  • Magofah Modern Serif Font
  • Hagona Classy Serif Font
  • Lebagof Modern Serif Font
  • Kolgimba Modern Serif Font
  • Rebori Modern Serif Font
  • KAKURO Classy Serif Font
  • Elinga Classy Serif Font
  • Narifah Modern Serif Font
  • MELISA Modern Serif Font
  • CHELON Classy Serif Font
  • Kivaera Modern Serif Font
  • Qandile Modern Serif Font
  • Raliha Classy Serif Font
  • Begika Modern and Classy Serif Font
  • Devitta Classy Bold Serif Font
  • Fogsta Stylish Serif Font
  • Avigea Modern Serif Font Display
  • Magkon Classy Serif Font
  • Belianty Elesha Modern Serif Font
  • Richardo Flacky Premium Font
  • Abigate Desgo Stylish Serif Font
  • Castle Begale Luxury Serif Font
  • Magistral Honesty Modern Serif Font
  • Glamour Karlina Luxury Serif Font
  • BROW VOLKY Stylish Serif Font
  • Deraga Modern & Stylish Font
  • Branding Aliskaje Modern Serif Font
  • Masvis Minimalist Serif Font
  • Aftesto Unique Serif Font
  • Ragasta Modern Serif Font
  • Alika Minimalist Serif Font
  • Meliska Beautiful Serif Font
  • Safira Elegant Serif Font
  • Akila Modern Display Font
  • Bontias Elegant Serif Font
  • Qelista Unique Serif Font
  • Wakile Stylish Serif Font
  • Berossla Modern Serif Font
  • Gabriela Spark Luxury Serif Font
  • Kegisiko Stylish Sans Serif Font
  • Bolinger Classic Serif Font
  • Agata Modern Display Font
  • Histeria Modern Serif Font
  • Porto Qastelo Modern Font

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