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Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks is a web designer, illustrator, speaker and author (a disturbingly common combination of talents) based on Bristol, England. Co-founder of Viewport Industries, a design company which makes various products aimed at designers and offers workshops and varied educational events, and founder of the Bi-Annual typography magazine 8 faces, Elliot is a busy man but, among all his activities as the head (and half a head) of two enterprises he still found time to publish a book, write some articles and maintain a blog, as well.

Among his best articles and collaborations one can find treasures like this simple tutorial on extending photos for 24 Ways or this article on making Photoshop grids for responsive web design and, of course, nothing is over without an overview of the advantages of responsive web design.

Among all this Elliot also managed to land himself some fairly important gigs, like redesigning the look of Smashing Magazine and being interviewed for it by .Net Magazine.

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