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Erin Kissane

Based in Brooklyn, Erin has been editing relevant publications in web design and regular media. She is the editor of Source, a community about code and interactive design, one of her passions and Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, a platform that highlights open innovation in journalism. She has worked along Jeffrey Zeldman in several of his blogs and companies, including Happy Cog and A List Apart.

She wrote a book called The Elements of Content Strategy, one of the most popular books about the importance of having a content strategy and how important it is to impact all aspects of web design and development. The book tells us why does content strategy matters, explores its roots and demonstrates how it’s done (and how can you do it).

Erin has also worked as a member of the content strategy agency Brain Traffic, and with clients as W.W. Norton & Co., the Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Charter for Compassion, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Capgemini, Thomson Reuters, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. She also edits content regularly for ”Contents Magazine”.

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