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Ethan Marcotte

Marcotte’s seminal article was a revolutionary piece of poetry. He set the basis of a new kind of web design, one that was desperately needed. Responsiveness was not a big deal before 2007. However, millions of people wanted to access the web from their Blackberries (remember Blackberry?), and even from not so smart phones. Then, the iPhone opened the landscape and Marcotte, three years later and after lots of experiments, opened the web. Marcotte’s article was later extended and became a book.

Since then he has been working on web standards, making collaborations on books along with Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Cederholm (co-authoring the book Handcrafted CSS). He’s also written articles on fluid images, fluid grids and where our standards went wrong. Also, he’s been on several events and work with People Magazine, the New York Magazine, the Sundance Film Festival, The Boston Globe, and the World Wide Web Consortium.

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