Fancy Fonts

(51 submissions) | Jul 19, 2017

A compilation of elaborate fonts that catch the attention at first sight. Trendy appearances and stylish lines are the order of the day when going through the set.

  • Neon, a visually impressive all caps font with really neat coloring and patterns, meant to (as the name implies) emulate neon lights and reflections. An amazing attention to detail went into this design from its creator, behance user Aga Magdziak. It includes alternative patterns for you to mix and match, numbers and some basic grammatical symbols.

  • Goldana is a display layered font inspired by art deco. Free for commercial or personal usage.

  • A nice typography with some flower decorations on each letter. It comes in two weights, bold and regular, and it only has uppercase characters and numbers. The font’s format is TTF and can be used commercially and personally.

  • One of the best bundles out there in the market! Get a huge variety of different handwritten, brush and bold fonts. As an extra, you’ll be getting Illustrations, Patterns, Textures, Watercolor, and many more cool add-ons.

  • Scriblle is a brush script font, designed by hand lettering and with the intent to make each word stylish and luxurious.

  • A premium font pack including 12 Premium Fonts. Hundreds of bonus glyphs including Ligature, Contextual alternates, all alternates, and swash. It can be accessed by using OpenType-savvy programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. Extended Use license included.

  • Stereo is a flat, dual colored typeface created in illustrator, with a stereoscopic and geometrical design in a Bauhaus vibe.

  • A polygonal heading font that includes 26 capital and small letters, numbers, punctuation marks among other characters, it is perfect for any purpose.

  • A font set of calligraphic design, its lite version includes the uppercase and lowercase of the alphabet alongside a personal use license.

  • A mono-spaced decorative font that consists of the full alphabet, a number of accented letters, numbers, and a bunch of glyphs to shoot out that blasting question or imperative order.

  • Zefani is a font that features glyphic serifs by segments and monoline strokes. It comes in 2 different styles, stencil and sans, this last one featuring 3 different weights. This typeface is available for uppercase, numeral and special characters.

  • A beautiful and hand painted typeface featuring nice curves and an elegant brush-like script font. A prime choice to add a unique touch to your work and projects.

  • Duwhoers is a fancy thin brush font designed with a handwritten feel that comes available in both TTF and OTF format containing both uppercase and lowercase characters.

  • Arabella is a modern hand-made script font perfect for various purposes such as: headings, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, labels, posters, badges, etc. Available in TTF format.

  • Bonie is a fancy regular width slab font that features nice adorns and curls crafted in a narrow and curve-styled grid available in both uppercase and lowercase with several accents.

  • A futuristic typeface with sharp edges in TTF format, perfect for big printed designs like posters, t-shirt and advertising banners. It has uppercase characters, numbers and punctuation symbols. Its design is geometric and it also includes a version with rounded edges, a lighter version and one with outlines, which looks even more beautiful.

  • A beautiful colorful font that resembles the ones used in actual circuses. It has different shapes and colors, making it a playful font that you can use in posters, clothing and even on websites. Available in Mac format.

  • Niconne is a nice example of how we can take inspiration from our favorite designs in order to create new ones. Based on 1925’s Madonna, created by Stephenson Blake which was based on an earlier design named ‘Bernhard Cursive’. Free to use across the Web.

  • A beautiful set of all-caps typeface, perfect for printed design projects like pamphlets, posters and more. This is a serif font that can also be used for headlining and it is free to be used in any way.

  • Here we have a decorative font that includes linear patterns, circular edges and angular glyphs. Its purpose is merely decorative since the intention of the typeface is that it isn’t legible in lengthy descriptions. The edges of the font and its configuration can be match with each other to create beautiful compositions.

    This font was created by Masterfulmd and can be downloaded for free.

  • A cool typeface, the first creation of Michael McMillan. It’s called Baffled, and it is based on the movie The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, featuring low x-heights and compelling serifs. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as some latin characters. It is free to download.

  • Mayangsari is an excellent display typeface designed by artist Muhammad Rizky Ariesto. This font includes a great set of accents and symbols, which make them look like Japanese roots typography, resembling old style oriental ambiance.

  • What distinguishes the new Intro free font from FontFabric is the strongly expressed geometric makeup and structure. The basic letters of the Alphabet like “A”, “O” and “H” are built or based on principles of simple geometric forms – triangles, circles and squares. In contrast to the Futura font which possesses similar styling, the Intro font preserves the characteristic sharpened edges of the “А”, “V” and “W” letters even in it’s boldened form. Free for personal and commercial use

  • Unique colored rounded free font! With Multicolore font you can easily create short texts for headlines, posters or whatever. Or simply stack few characters to create some random art! Inspired from Mohawk Paper logo. Available in .otf font format (black & white ver.) / .eps and .ai vector formats (colored ver.) Free for personal and commercial use. 

  • Banda is a semi-serif typeface characterized by a tall x-height and rounded semi-serifs. Although it  was first designed as a display typeface Banda quickly evolved into more complex type consisting of 7 weights plus their matching italics (Free version has only 1 weight). Banda can be used for short passages of text as well as a fancy display type. Free for personal and commercial use 

  • A creative brush script handwriting font created by Vernon Adams and made available for free as a TTF, coming from the surf culture developed during the 1950 in North America. A fun and uncomplicated design for titles and headers. The font is intended to be used in web, including uppercase, lowercase, numerical and special characters.

  • A beautiful font named after a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, in which the posters display a similar style. It features good legibility in small sizes, and it has two weights. This font can be used freely.

  • Monoton is a contemporary take on metal press fonts. It is a pure display web font designed to be used at font sizes above 30 points. Monoton has been designed to be used freely across the Internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. Its license is the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1.

  • Merienda is a fancy typeface in two weights. It has soft shapes, is slightly condensed, and has a rhythm which is an invitation to read short pieces of text. It is ideal for headlines which call for height, as its strokes resemble those of a brush and deliver freshness and a dynamic touch in the development of words. SIL Open Font License, 1.1

  • Love Ya Like a Sister is a scratchy slab serif font inspired by the feeling of childhood’s playfulness and innocence, the font itself is made to honor the friendship between the designer and her sister. This font has an SIL open font license, version 1.1.

  • A font intends to provide a stunning and spontaneous design, by not putting too much detail and calculation on the letters, but letting them flow freely instead. Also, it performs well on multiple sizes, even as small as 16 pixels.

  • Jim Nightshade is a flat nib calligraphic typestyle with charisma and a dark flair. Letterforms follow that of a traditional italic hand but with more angular strokes to accentuate the look. supports accented letters and includes punctuation characters and numbers. Good legibility in small sizes. SIL Open Font License, 1.1

  • Graduate is a high quality example of the class college block style of lettering used across every campus in the USA. It is usually use for american football’s jacket and also cheer’s uniform. SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1 

  • Fugaz One is a sans serif with very geometric features and gestural characteristics, which brings it away from its formal beginnings. Combined with its italic inclination, this font has become a very dynamic font. It has an SIL Open Font license, version 1.1.

  • Fredericka the Great is a scratched render of a modern serif typeface, mixing the elegance of the serifs with the sense of informality from the handmade look. Supports the Latin script block, including punctuation marks, numbers and accented characters. It’s license is SIL open font, version 1.1.

  • Elsie is typeface is two weights inspired by feminine energy. This new typeface was created to celebrate the world of women, glamour and fashion. It combines the strength of Bodoni with the softness of italics. Sensitive, attractive, full of personality, innovative and subtle with both classic and new design features. It provides an option to the type which readers often encounter. SIL Open Font License, 1.1

  • Croissant is a typeface inspired by the Parisian spirit, in the people and the landscapes there. The lowercase letters have smooth round shapes, and a nice long out-stroke to connect nearly every glyph, reminding the reader of elegant French handwriting. The uppercases have a classical structure and soft terminals that embody the spirit of this multi-purpose typeface. SIL Open Font License, 1.1

  • Cookie is a script typeface based on brush calligraphy. It has a little bit of 1950s styles that makes you think about all the beautiful ads and pin-ups from this time. It is sweet and friendly – but not too decorative; simple and legible even in text sizes. It includes accented characters to support other languages.

  • A fun design that allows you to add a good bit of flavour to your writing. The font contains multiple rounded shapes and is slightly uneven, which gives it a relaxed and uncomplicated look. This font can be used in commercial and personal projects.

  • Bonbon is a fancy handwriting font for cheerful and bright headlines. The letterforms are artistic and naive as if they are written in a teenage girl’s diary. It is drawn with a fine marker by author Ksenia Erulevich. Curves are carefully adjusted so that the font will also work well in print – making it a good choice for appetizing product design, greeting cards, or titling in children’s books. Extra ornamental characters are included. SIL Open Font License, 1.1

  • Black Ops is a low contrast semi geometric typeface inspired by military stencil lettering. Black Ops is heavy, sturdy, and punchy. Because of the small cuts found in stencils like this one, Black Ops will look best when used at medium to large sizes. SIL Open Font License, 1.1

  • Dynalight is a vintage high-speed script best suited for medium to large sizes. It is composed of an extended alphabet in uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. The font has an SIL Open Font License, 1.1 and comes in a TTF file.

  • A font inspired by elegant calligraphic forms from the early age of Victorian and Art Deco. Rochester is the perfect selection when you want to add a touch of class or a smart looking formal style to any correspondence or memorandum. It has an SIL Open Font License, version 1.1 and its format is TTF.

  • Oleo is a non-connected typeface that integrates elements of connected scripts in order to achieve a slick, casual handwritten effect. It is available in two weights: Regular and bold. It supports multiple languages that make use of the Latin script.

  • Lilly Script is a font mainly aimed at creating exciting, bold headlines and titles with a playful design. It consists of soft but understandable lines with a bold style. It was created by Julia Petretta.

  • An elegant calligraphic script, featuring smooth connectors and classic, formal shapes. Italianno provides a fantastic style for invitations and formal writing. The font comes in TTF format, can be used as a web font and it’s available under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

  • Holtwood One SC is a bold display font developed for use with modern web browsers. It embraces the look of the old woodblock poster typefaces and hence contains only uppercase letters. Released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

  • Great Vibes is a script font in one style including an extended alphabet uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The font is a Unicode typeface that supports languages that use the Latin script and its variants, and could be expanded to support other scripts.

  • Grand Hotel is a vintage cursive font based on the screen of the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole.” The weight makes it best suited for holidays and bakery themed projects. It is a typeface works better in medium and big sizes making it perfect for headlines.

  • Bigelow Rules is an eclectic and funny hybrid font inspired among others, from Times New Roman and Didone. It has an SIL Open Font License, 1.1

  • A delicate font with a slightly feminine touch to it that serves it quite well, despite the bold styling. It also reminisces of old font faces, proper of previous centuries, for a classic and elegant design. It was designed by Astigmatic and it comes in TTF format.

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