Figma UI Design System with Swift UI & Jetpack Compose Code

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Supercharge your mobile design projects with Xela, a next generation design system that you can leverage to create advanced user experiences using fully native elements of Swift UI and Jetpack Compose – it features a fully customizable Figma design system powered by auto-layout 3.0, modern style guides, use-ready components with 1900+ variants, ready-made application screens based in 66 widgets and much more

With Xela you’ll be able to take on your design projects head-on, skip creating complicated components from scratch and present professional projects for your clients in half the time you’d otherwise spend – this is a complete library of ready-made, fully customizable widgets, UI screens and reusable components for Desktop, Android and iOS, delivered with a UI kit for Figma as well as well native source code built with Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI to help you build native apps on any platform you’re working on

Xela is easy to learn and integrate with your projects and it has no dependencies on other libraries or frameworks, the library uses native elements from SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose, it includes graphs, charts, date pickers, and other fully functional components, and it’s consistent and well documented:

You can preview the UI kit in Figma as well as check out the example app projects on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to get a first hand view of what your projects will look like when working with Xela:

Xela usually comes with a price tag of $700, attached to it, but with this exclusive limited time deal you can get this advanced design system and take your project’s quality to the next level for just $79!


  • The complete Xela UI design system
  • Crafted in Figma and fully coded in Jetpack Compose & SwiftUI
  • 1900+ variants of 23 ready-to-use components
  • 36 ready-made application screens based in 66 widgets
  • Figma source file
  • Source code for Swift 5+, SwiftUI, iOS 13+, Xcode
  • Source code for Android Studio, Jetpack Compose, min SDK 26, target SDK 30
  • Includes graphs, charts, date pickers, and other fully functional components
  • Commercial use license

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