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Design news of the week – Nov 6: Firefox add-ons, PSD files, HTML mail templates, superheroes icons…

Each week we will gather the most relevant web design news that were released during the previous days and post them at the end of the week so all of you can get a brief about what’s been going on in the design world. This week we included a sweet Firefox add-on to work with guides, useful PSD resources, HTML email templates, some fancy superheroes social icons and more.


FoxGuide: Display Photoshop-like guides on your Firefox


This awesome Firefox extension displays vertical and horizontal guides on your browser, these guides will appear as thin lines over the site, similar to the ones that we use in Adobe Photoshop. You can easily move or remove them, just like the Photoshop way.

The guides will be preserved despite of the fact that you shut down your browser and conserve their position, if you want to clear them, that’s possible too. You can handle rulers of even 10,000px long, which is more than enough. Whether your website is long vertically or horizontally, foxGuide will always be an useful tool.

If you want to create a guide, grab your mouse pointer over the ruler, then hold left click and drag the guides out of the ruler. You can remove a guide by simply taking the guide back to the ruler.

50 Free High Quality and Inspirational PSD Files for Download


If you’re an aspiring web designer or already a part of that sector, this article will be a great material for you.  Achieving a successful design, especially when it is seen on the web, relies a lot on the creative and technique sites of the issue. Among the best ways of getting inspirational information and resources we find the aid from the experts. It’s great to see that on these days the online community is sharing their talents within themselves by uploading their designs and letting other people use them either either for inspiration or commercial / non-commercial use.

This showcase features a large amount of PSD files ready for download, which besides the fact of providing inspiration by looking at other people’s work, you can break down the files and see how they were made, which is extremely useful to learn new techniques for making your own designs.

We suggest you to visit this link to find out many PSD files that you can implement on your designs, the roundup includes awesome text effects, icons, templates and more. If you want to download the PSD file of your choice, just click the image or the title name of each design to redirect your navigation to the website. It’s important for you to make sure to read the owner’s terms and agreements before utilizing the file.

Stunning HTML email templates for web designers


It’s of common knowing among the web community that for many time HTML email has been one of the flaws in web design, and it was about time for some to put out a great showcase featuring the best designers and their proposals for improving the sphere of HTML email.

Each template is fully functional in over 20 of the most recognized email clients such as Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone and plenty more. You just need to scroll down, make your own selection and then download it. Every template includes the PSD file, HTML template fully functional, tested and ready to be implemented and Campaign monitor template. You will definitely find at least one functional template that looks way much decent than the standard HTML layout.

Vector tutorial: Character superheroes illustration set


For the recent Halloween season, our friends at Iconshock decided to release a brilliant social icon set featuring some of the most iconic superheroes of all time, from Superman to Captain America, the most important heroes are here to save your day. The bundle includes original vector files of each one of the icons, so you can easily work with them and customize them according to your preferences. To ensure the highest quality of every single element of this icon set, every icon contains both PNG and vector files, offering a top quality so people can easily implement them on their sites and artworks.

ImgOps: Meta-tool to quickly edit online an image


We like to recommend you ImgOps, a meta-tool that lets you apply several adjustments to an image online. The app works best with the bookmarklet (ImgOps), but if you prefer, then simply enter a URL above. You can also insert in front of any image URL. Start by entering an image and then you will be able to apply different operations with a single click, including format conversion, special effects, adjusting color, share via Flickr and more useful commands.  ImgOps only links to tools which directly accept an image URL.

When 24/7/365 Fails: Turning Off Work On Weekends


This is a perfect reading for this day. On the design business it has become very usual to see how people are giving away their weekends in favor of their jobs, and Smashing Magazine decided to release a nice article about it.

On the first paragraph the article starts talking about the fact that the web has continued evolving since its conceiving, as have those who have devoted their professional lives around this massive communication tool. People have to roll with the changes, and like with any major environmental shifts, it’s imperative to adapt. During this shifting of our online existences, something quite interesting has occurred, a somewhat frustrating manner. The expectations of the client base, our colleagues and even our closest friends and relatives have risen to brand new, unreasonable heights.

We do understand that not every single potential client or colleague is going to hold on to these extremely elevated expectations, so this post is directed only at those who do. Don’t make confused presumptions, there is nothing wrong with having expectations about a profession, but when you let those unchecked presumptions to take you to a disrespectful place, then a line is definitely being crossed. One that we hope to clearly draw in the sand, for any and all of those who share in this frustration, with this fabulous article.

Well that’s it for the design news of this week, many great resources and readings to spend some time looking into, as the SM reading says, it’s necessary to spend some time on yourself instead of focusing only on work, hopefully these news will work as a distraction for all designers out there.

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