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Flash animations without code using Giotto

Until a few years ago, making animations in Flash was something that designers enjoyed a lot, ActionScript 2.0 was easy to understand and with just some basic notions it was possible to create beautiful things. Then the rivalry between Flash and HTML5 rose up and one of the consequences was Flash taking a new approach more focused in programmers and developers, thus designers were no longer able to create the animations that they loved so much.

Today we’ve found a brilliant tool that will give back designers the chance to create Flash animations with ease. The tool’s name is Giotto and can be downloaded for free, though it features full AS 2.0 support, designers won’t need to think about this as the animation is created with no coding needed.


With Giotto you can create from the simplest to the most complex vector illustrations, apply effects to them (blur, shadow, glow) and then animate them. You can create Movie Clips and Buttons, store them in the library and use them later, you can also work with text elements and adjust things such as kerning and alignment.

The animation can be executed using motion and/or shape tweens, you can also incorporate sounds to create advanced animations. Giotto features more than 50 effects that can be applied to shapes and text elements, all the effects are highly customizable and watchable in real time. All the effects are based in ActionScript but you don’t need to know anything regarding this language to create your own animations.


Another great thing about Giotto is its built-in editor for color palettes, which unlike most color palettes is actually very intuitive and applicable in real life. The editor utilizes special algorithms build upon human perception of colors instead of the old school mathematical models.

To conclude, this is certainly a remarkable tool considering its freeware condition, here’s a brief of some of the major features that makes Giotto an excellent tool for graphic designers that don’t want to be involved with ActionScript:

  • Context menus
  • Object properties
  • Natural color palette editor
  • Effects generator
  • Easy to use

Visit Giotto’s official site

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