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Foundation: A powerful framework

Foundation is an easy to use, powerful and flexible framework for building rapid prototypes and production code for any kind of device. It helps designers and developers create consistent experiences across personal computers, TVs and mobile devices, including tablets and a range of smartphones.

Why was Foundation built?

Mobile traffic is already overtaking desktop traffic in some parts of the world, and soon it will in the U.S., but the barrier for some people to create sites that work across devices is still seemingly too high. We built Foundation to help lower that bar enough to not only make it accessible for web designers, but to encourage them to prototype and build much faster than they have before. In the future, sites and apps will have to support a range of devices, and the way to do that well is to build and iterate quickly.

Why use foundation instead of some other solutions/frameworks out there? (pros, advantages over other similar frameworks).

With Foundation, designers don’t have to build separate site for desktop and mobile. There are no other responsive frameworks out there – all existing frameworks out there are designed for the desktop standard 960px grid. Foundation is designed to be responsive, adapting the page for the device it is being viewed on. To see Foundation in action, go to Zurbsoapbox website and scale down the width of your browser window.

Any limitations, things you plan to improve with Foundation?

Foundation currently supports small devices like phones by line arising the layout, running content straight down and removing the grid elements seen on larger devices. We’ll soon be adding support for more layout control on these small devices, and plan to incorporate more prototyping and production elements such as drop down menus.

What’s the future for Foundation?

Or goal is for Foundation to be as ubiquitous as something like jQuery. We’d like to do for front-end layout what jQuery did for designers and developers: provide tools that don’t limit them. We’ll keep iterating, fixing bugs and adding smart features to help people build and prototype rapidly.

Any plans to add premium services/options?

Foundation is under MIT license and free to use for everyone. We have no plans to charge for it. We created Foundation to help everyone build better products online. Who is ZURB? Tell us a bit about yourselves.


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