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Frank Chimero

As a designer and illustrator, Chimero thinks that great design comes from reflective practices and sharp thinking, and also believes in the simplification of things and distribution of big problems in sets of small solutions working together. Recognized with the Art Directors Club Young Guns Award in 2010, Frank has taught typography and thesis courses at Missouri State University. He has also made freelance work for The New York Times, Wired, Bloomberg Business, Nike, Facebook, Microsoft, Time Warner, among others.

Several essays written by him are displayed on his website, where we can highlight Particles, the text of a speech given at 2011 AIGA National Conference for the Emerging Designers program, where he exposes topics such as progression, gateways, learning and time; he uses an anecdote of a couple of guys talking about a given particle which could be faster than light and theoretically able to travel through time, making an analogy from such a story and learning processes.

Another great article to note is his essay entitled What Advice Would You Give a Graphic Design Student? And as his title suggests, it is full of tips based on self-experiences, for all those who are studying Graphic Design in order to help them to find a north and embrace a fixed overall position regarding to their career instead of getting confused or challenged by the different concepts and points of view surrounding them.

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