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Android GUI Set free Photoshop files

Hello everyone. Today in Webdesignshock we want to give you a brand new freebie, an out the hook GUI set to implement on Android that will make your system outstand in front of the rest. The sets comes both in Common and Sense versions.

This design pieces are brought to you thanks to our design family at Iconshock, which is a quote of faith regarding the quality of the set. The package includes fully editable Photoshop files, original fonts and previews, everything that you may need in order to customize your set according to your preferences. Please let us know your opinions and feel free to share this amazing gift with your friends, remember that you will always find the best articles and resources only here, at Webdesignshock.

The GUI set includes:

  • Main menu
  • Contextual menus
  • Keyboard
  • Radio
  • Applications
  • Browser
  • Status Bar
  • Screen label
  • Dialog
  • Options panel
  • Slider
  • Google search
  • Circle buttons
  • Bottom bar
  • Media player
  • Contact list
  • Messages view
  • Message compose
  • Word suggestion
  • Hour
  • Signal bar
  • Battery status


High detailed elements, carefully made by our mates of Iconshock.

Fully editable Photoshop files, with folders and layers ready for you to work with them.


Top quality icons included, with the high end touch that only Iconshock can deliver.


An ideal set for all the design lovers that will make your system to look nicer than the rest.


Complete folders and layers to help you understand the structure of the designs.


Modify the texts according to your preferences.


Resizable objects, rescale them and change its position with no problem at all.


Adjust the complete GUI set according to your design style, or leave it the way it comes.


Well, a lot of work is behind this great set, remember that is a free gift for all of you, if you want to implement or share it on your website, please leave the back-link directing to us.

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