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Free Self-hosted Photo Management Tool

Lychee is a tool for image management that you download to your server. It just takes a few seconds to install, allowing you to upload, manage and share photos easily and fast, keeping them safe as well. What you can do with this tool is:

– Upload.
– Move.
– Rename.
– Describe.
– Delete.
– Search photos.
– Look all your images in full-screen mode.
– Navigate forward and backward with the keyboard.

You can share entire albums and let others see your photos by making them public just with one click. However, you can protect them with passwords as well, and since it is your data and your server, you are the rightful owner of it all the time.

It is an open source tool, making it available for everyone to use, tweak and improve. Its is intuitive and allows you to create stunning interfaces.

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