Low Poly Backgrounds: 530 Geometric Background Designs Mega Pack

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Here we have a mega pack with a huge amount of low poly backgrounds for your delight with 530 individual wallpapers. You can integrate them into your projects or simply take them as inspirational work. The set is very complete, providing a selection of multiple styles, but keeping the geometric vibe. Among the topics in the pack, we can find animals, landscapes, shapes, works of art, crystal formations, simple gradients, colorful bursts, monochrome fields, and many more.

It all comes as JPG images, ready to be applied in mobiles and desktops as backgrounds, wallpapers, or anything you need.

low_poly_backgrounds-01Low_poly_backgrounds-02Low_poly_backgrounds-03Low_poly_backgrounds-04sea salieri rain prisma poison2 picasso patronus_lion patronus_fox patronus_deer patronus_cat4 paris2 panal2 paisaje7 paisaje2 orange_intense multi2 mount medical4 mature4 magenta lipstick3 lipstick line ligth leon lemon3 jacinto iris6 iris2 iris_staff inner2 iniverno ice6 ice3 ice horn3 hammer halloween2 grade5 golimar4 golimar2 golden2 goile2 goile gettle2 gettle genetic fruits2 fruits forest7 sky3 elephant3 dolphin2 - copia df2 - copia desert - copia color11 - copia color9 - copia color7 - copia color - copia colombia - copia cmyk - copia carg2 - copia cardiology3 - copia caracol4 - copia camp4 - copia cake4 - copia cake2 - copia Br - copia bold2 - copia bodegon - copia Blue_yellow - copia blue_wine - copia blue - copia bend4 - copia bana3 - copia ball4 - copia ball - copia babilon - copia autumn2 - copia autumn - copia atardecer - copia are - copia aqua - copia andromeda - copia ambar5 - copia ambar3 - copia ambar - copia Amanecer - copia after3 - copia abstract3 - copia abstract - copia 4001 - copia 45 - copia er

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