Geometric Fonts Superfamily: 54 Desktop & Web Fonts, 3 Complete Families. Commercial Use

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Meet the Publica Superfamily, 3 complete and professional foundry font families combined with 54 fonts in total, over 650 glyphs each, and they come packed with OpenType features like alternates, symbols and special characters, discretionary ligatures for headlines and logos, case sensitive forms, and much more. You can get both desktop & web versions of these fonts in OTF, EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF & WOFF2 file formats, get the desktop font plus the web fonts bundle for just $24!

This Promo Will Get You:

  • 54 Fonts total
  • 650+ Glyphs each
  • 18 Weights & italics
  • OpenType features
  • Desktop & Web versions available
  • Commercial use
  • Licensed on a per user basis. Check out the EULA here.

Fonts Families Included:


Publica Font Styles Preview


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Publica Play


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Publica Slab


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Publica Sans


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