Dexa Pro Geometric Sans Serif Font Family

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Dexa Pro is a contemporary fonts super family that features a classic sans-serif design.

This workhorse typeface consists of 72 fonts in total, with Condensed, Narrow, Regular & Expanded width variations and 18 weights for each one of them, ranging from Thin to Extra Block and Black weights, along with matching true italics for each one of them.

The typeface is delivered in OTF file format, and features around 770 glyphs per font. It offers extensive language support for all languages in Latin or Cyrillic script, and comes jam packed with OpenType features like language localizations, ligatures, stylistic alternatives and old style figures, small caps and many more.

With Dexa Pro you’ll be able to cover all your bases: use it on everything from long texts for body copy to display compositions!

Regularly Dexa Pro is priced at $99, but with this exclusive limited time offer you can grab this professional sans-serif typeface today for just $29!

You will receive:

  • The complete Dexa Pro font family
  • A workhorse family with 72 fonts in total
  • Delivered in OTF file format
  • Regular, Condensed, Expanded & Narrow versions
  • 18 weights in each font’s version, from thin to extra bold & black
  • Each font features around 770 glyphs
  • Multilingual support for Latin and Cyrillic alphabet languages
  • OpenType features include small caps, alternates, old style figures, language localizations, ligatures, historical forms & many others
  • Commercial use license

Dexa Pro Superfamily

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