Get A Custom Infographic Made By Request, 100% Unique & Tailored Just For You!

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Infographics Made Just For You

This is your chance to get your very own custom made infographic! With this promo, the team of professionals behind Easel.ly will personally deliver a supremely high quality infographic design, 100% unique & tailor made to fit your needs about the topic of your choice.

Simply provide the data you need to represent, and let the magic happen! You can make as many revisions as you need, meaning that there is no limit on the changes you can request before receiving the final product.

You will receive Ai vector files for adobe illustrator as well as a PDF file & JPG rasters, so you’ll be able to edit every aspect of the final product add & remove content, etc.

This is a stackable deal, so you can purchase as many custom orders as you want, and there is no redemption deadline!

This service is regularly priced $325 and doesn’t include the vector editable files, so take this oportunity while you can and order your custom made infographic that includes vector editable files for just $49!


With This Deal, You Will Get:

  • A professional infographic design about any topic of your choice
  • 100% unique infographics, custom made for you!
  • Ai vector files for adobe illustrator
  • Fonts files used for the infographic
  • Images & illustrations used for the final product
  • PDF & JPG versions
  • Fully customizable final product
  • Easily update content, change text, add/remove elements
  • No redemption deadline
  • Unlimited revisions – make as many changes as you need until you’re satisfied with the product
  • Stackable – purchase as many custom infographics as you need
  • Roughly 48 hours turnaround


Easy & Simple

The process is painless & the turnaround is quick, you’ll receive your product roughly 48 hours after placing the order! They’ll take your idea, and create an awesome infographic with it. It’s really as simple as:

  • Getting in touch with the designers
  • Provide the data & details you want to represent in the infographic
  • Make the necessary revisions to the proposed designs
  • Enjoy!

Check Out Some Of Their Previous Works

Deal terms:

  • This deal is only valid on the first image Easel.ly creates and includes one infographic per purchase.
  • The creation time is 48 hours after the vendor receives all information and data relating to the infographic. You will be asked to send a copy of your code to vendor, along with instructions to start the infographic.


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