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Tracking google analytics

Any blogger, e-commerce entrepreneur or web developer have eventually related to Google Analytics at a certain point. Probably the best free monitoring service until this date, Analytics gives you powerful insights regarding your site’s traffic and marketing effectiveness. The service is flexible and easy to use, making it one of the favorites for many web developers and bloggers.

One popular way of gaining visitors is placing campaign links in other webpages. Either if it’s a banner, a pop window, etc, the idea is to invite people to make clink on it to land in your site. Normally you will simply pass your site’s link to the page’s owner, e.g ‘’ and the person will place that link within your campaign medium.

When you pass the link to the site’s owner, every time someone clicks on the campaign link, Analytics will gather that information and so you will know how many visits actually came from that site. But if you want to take your monitoring process a step ahead, then you will love URL builder.


Basically, URL builder will help you parse the effectiveness of your campaign links more accurately when you have more than one link within a website. First you need to paste your site’s URL (the one that you would normally provide to the web’s owner) and then fill the form values that you can see on the previous screenshot, finally click in Generate URL and you will obtain an Analytics link that will still take you to your site but know will help Google Analytics determine the specific origin of the visit.


The tool is easy to use and guarantees a more professional and accurate analysis regarding your site’s traffic, so we highly recommend it for every blogger or web fan that wants to be fully aware of your site’s movements.

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