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Greg Franko

Greg Franko is a JavaScript engineer at Yahoo Sports. Greg is also a writer and public speaker who loves writing/talking about all kinds of new/emergent technologies, which he discusses on his blog.

Don’t be surprised to see him release cool open source projects, such as GifShot.js or AMDclean, or do writing of a highly technical nature, mainly about Javascript, jQuery, Backbone.js, Require.js and the like, but he’s really knowledgable and if you are able to make use of his expertise then you’ll find his site a veritable tree of wisdom. One of his articles is a deep explanation on how to register the JQuery UI Widget Factory as an AMD module, there’s also an extremely useful entry on how to properly document an open source project, which isn’t as technical as the previous one, but still insightful and detailed.

He’s also active on Twitter StackOverflow and Github, if you want some direct and professional advice.

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