Grold Font Family: 40 Post-Geometric OTF Fonts With 10 Weights & Matching Italics

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This deal delivers a professional font family package with the complete entire Grold font family, a post-geometric typeface with 40 fonts, with a smooth sans-serif design and enough variations to be a highly versatile font that you can apply it on all kinds of projects, ranging from large display compositions to titles and headlines, as well as long paragraphs and body-copy, Grold will have you covered on any typographic project you’re working on

This font features multilanguage support for Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish & Romanian, 360 glyphs per-font, with files delivered in OTF format with optional ligatures – Grold includes 10 different font weights, ranging from thin fonts to heavy extra blacks, and it also includes matching true italics for every font weight, making Grold a truly versatile typeface for using on all kinds of typographical projects

Grold also features 2 versions – the regular font design with all of its weights as well as the Grold slim versions that also includes it’s weights, with different line widths and character designs, to give your compositions better variability, and provide further design choices

This font performs greatly on both large display purposes and titles as well as small and longer paragraphs, and will add a stylish design to your printables – it’ll be a great choice for business cards, posters, brand identity projects, and even websites anjd digital designs

Regularly this font family would cost over $160, however you can grab the entire font family with a really sweet discount through this deal for just $19!

You Will Receive

  • The complete Grold font family pack
  • Contains 40 sans-serif fonts
  • Delivered in OTF file format
  • 10 weights, ranging from Thin to ExtraBlack
  • Normal & slim options for each font
  • Multi-language support
  • Perfect for display as well as body-copy

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