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Hakim El Hattab

Hakim, contrary from what the name may imply, hails from Sweden and brings us his amazing development and code skills through his website, in which he periodically publishes his thoughts on code and interactivity. He has also gained some renown as one of the few pioneers who pushes the limits of web development in regards to interactivity, as he often says that he’s “motivated by a need to create distracting interactive contraptions” for which he has won several awards.

When he’s not working on further developments of the Qwiki social sharing platform (which is his current stable job) or playing around with one of his personal projects, you can find him writing articles for .Net Magazine, which are high quality tutorials on HTML5 basics, his preferred platform. In an interview, he emphasizes: “There are still projects that are more suitably executed in Flash but my rule of thumb is if it can be done in HTML then it should be done in HTML. Flash is my fallback.” One of the aforementioned articles gives you four essential HTML5 Canvas tips, which are always useful, while another one is a detailed tutorial on how to make a “page flip” effect using HTML5.

Hakim has made several interactive web apps in his free time to explore his passion for interesting and fun interactions and his virtuous-level proficiency at HTML 5. You can check out his most famous projects Sketch Toy and Sinuous, and have a good time.

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