75 Hand-Picked Font Delicacies: 20 Type Families worth $1225 for Only $29! (98% off)

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Introducing an extensive pack with 75 fonts

This week we bring you an exclusively hand-picked bundle! Made of carefully crafted fonts by Juraj Chrastina: we bring you 20 of his best Typefaces, for a total 75 Fonts!

This limited-time collection of 20 superior quality families brings incredible variety to your font library. The bundle includes various styles ranging from versatile multi-weight sans-serif families to hand drawn packages with complementary design elements.

Most of these fonts include Latin extended characters support, as well as some, include Cyrillic and Greek characters support. Juraj paid a lot of attention to details and the crafting of theses fonts, in order to deliver a superior product which meets High-Quality Standards.

All of them available for only $29 (98% off) for just a week! Without further ado we present you with these 20 typefaces:

1) Ambassador Plus

Hairline display fonts are elegant and subtle with touch of luxury. They are the Champagne of type. Ambassador Plus Family represents a set of classy typefaces best suitable for magazines, cosmetics packaging, advertising or any kind of fine and sensitive design. The family includes 4 styles.

2) Amundsen

Amundsen is an all-caps stencil-like face with a unique look due to several originally shaped glyphs and overlapping letters. The font is equipped with automatic discretionary ligatures and it comes with a fine-tuned kerning. As the ligatures combine light letters, the overall look remains balanced even with wider display oriented spacing.

3) Baron

Baron is the feminine side of the Baronessa Font. If Baronessa is a little feminine, Baron is neutral and it’s funny and serious at the same time. Baron can tell jokes without smiling. Because a joke can be funny even if the teller doesn’t smile.

4) Baronessa

Baronessa is a handmade font with a “once-upon-a-time” world feeling, warm and friendly but not excessively childish. No swashes or ornaments, subtle irregularity and carefully chosen letter shapes make it sweet and funny but not crazy. If Baronessa is a little feminine, Baron is neutral and it’s funny and serious at the same time.

5) Barry

The Barry family combines two opposite weights. This display face has a great effect if the two fonts are used together. If you want to make your design ordinary, Barry is not the right choice.

6) Boudoir

Come into the boudoir. This simple hand-drawn sans tries to invoke the same feelings as its name – and not to be overluscious. Boudoir is sweet and sensual like women, but it’s at the same time uncluttered and masculinely straightforward. Thanks to the bolder weights, it can also be used in smaller sizes, you can combine different weights for different sizes to obtain a more balanced look, or you can just give emphasis using different weights. The family includes 3 weights.

7) Charmante

Let’s add a little charm between letters with this sweet and straightforward hand-drawn typeface. Charmante is ideal for save-the-dates, wedding announcements, invitation cards, greeting cards, gift tags, cafe or restaurant menus and for any other lovely and charming design. The family includes regular and bold style.

8) Fimfarum

Fimfarum is a word that the Czech actor and writer Jan Werich created for one of his magical fairy tales for children and adults. Fimfarum is also the name of this playful typeface equipped with various styles simulating the randomness of handwriting. You can choose to select and combine different styles either using an all-in-one pro font in an OpenType-savvy application, or with a 10 fonts family pack. Fimfarum Pro also offers an automatic random effect. The OpenType contextual alternates feature can randomly mix narrow, wide and bold characters. You can specify how through various stylistic sets. The family includes 11 fonts.

9) Fram

Fram is an uppercase stencil typeface. It comes with a fine-tuned kerning, its extensive character set ensures multiple languages coverage and the design is adapted to different ranges of size through size-specific optical compensation. Fram L is intended for use at large sizes and Fram S with larger gaps guarantees good performance even when the size is reduced. The family includes 2 styles.

10) Gamba

This squarish type is designed to create strong and clean layouts. Gamba combines futuristic shapes with high legibility, utilitarian design and personality.

11) General

It’s all about these subtle nuances that make a neutral sans typeface different. Pure geometry with a human touch is a recipe that works in every generation. Inspired by classical fonts from the early 20th century, General rides the line between traditional and modern styles.
With its 5 light weights, the General family is a strong tool for a clean design.

12) Gentleman

Gentleman font is a sans-serif font family of 10 weights – from hairline to black. It is a legible typeface with clear geometry and spiced with nice humanist terminals enhancing its identity. We think Gentleman name suits perfectly to this family because of its beautiful outlines and elegant letterforms yet looking tight, compact and with own presence. Gentleman is surely a good choice both for screen applications and print media. Its multipurpose spreads over poster design, logos, headlines, body texts, stationery and back labels. Also very good for books, magazines and newspapers – an excellent choice even for small text size.

13) Gibon

Gibon draws inspiration from the fascinating comic book universe inhabited not only by many legendary superheroes, monsters and super badass antiheroes but also by its own legendary typefaces. Every cartoonist and hand letterer needs a pencil, a T-square and on and on. For digital lettering Gibon is an option. This handy toolkit helps you easily letter your comic strips, but even if you have nothing to do with cartooning, this bundle can simply add some comic book feel to your design or make some noise with layered sound effects. The basic font for speech balloon inking is Gibon Lettering, while Gibon -Bold and Heavy let you emphasize certain text. Gibon Bold is further developed as a multilayer type where different styles are designed to be overlaid on top of each other, letting you work with built-in shadows, 3D effects and outlines to create striking SFX. Gibon Balloons offers different types of layered speech balloons and a few halftone patterns. The OpenType contextual alternate feature is set to automatically apply the random effect using two sets of glyphs. Comics are lettered in all caps and so is Gibon. To easily access alternate characters they are encoded as lowercase letters. Type the uppercase “I” to access the crossbar “I” and the lowercase “i” to access the crossbar-less “I”. Turn on the stylistic set number one to use only crossbar-less “I”.

14) Greenhorn

Greenhorn is a hand-traced comic type for headlines. Funky, irregular and smiling. The first inspiration comes from the unique lettering of a classic Czech cartoonist.

15) Kammerlander

Messner was a resource for designing the Kammerlander family and their combination looks very natural. Kammerlander is a sans typeface with a distinctively strong thick/thin contrast. Kammerlander includes 2 weights.

16) Latok

Latok is a fat geometric display family with an original vibrant feel for poster and editorial usage. You can choose Latok Small with wider gaps or Latok Large according to the size of the text. The family includes 2 styles.

17) Lomidrevo

Lomidrevo is a grunge stencil family. The family includes 3 styles.

18) Messner

Hairline fonts are very clean, shining, elegant and even luxurious. They look great in fashion magazines, in the expansive world of beauty and glory. Messner is an extra-light all-caps face, especially suitable for larger sizes. Simplicity, purity and readability of its classic forms were on the first place in the creation process.

19) Snob

Snob is a high-contrast display face with a touch of luxury. It represents a classy typeface with a fashion magazine style. You can easily combine Snob with Ambassador, which was the base for creating Snob.

20) Vagabundo

Vagabundo is a hand brushed family with three styles and some extra goodies. You can combine different weights with icons, ornaments and banners to get a nice original design. The family includes 7 fonts.

    What’s included on the pack?

So let’s see what you’d be getting before you click on that Purchase Button: 75 fonts in 20 type families, most with Latin Extended Characters as well as Greek and Cyrillic support! This whole pack would cost $1225 if you bought the fonts individually, but since you’re getting them here on ByPeople Premium, they are at 98% off! In other words, only for $29!

Here’s a list of included fonts:

  • Ambassador Plus
  • Amundsen
  • Baron
  • Baronessa
  • Barry
  • Boudoir
  • Charmante
  • Fimfarum
  • Fram
  • Gamba
  • General
  • Gentleman
  • Gibon
  • Greenhorn
  • Kammerlander
  • Latok
  • Lomidrevo
  • Messner
  • Snob
  • Vagabundo

Here’s why this bundle is every designer’s dream:

  • You will be receiving a commercial license of 75 superior quality fonts featuring different styles and extras.
  • This colossal collection is a great way to get the best value for money when buying fonts.
  • There’s only one week for you to get this amazing bundle.

Grab yours right now!

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