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Harry Roberts

One of the youngest stars of web development is Harry Roberts. Born in 1990, this Britton writes and speaks about CSS and its architecture, maintenance and scalability. He currently works for British Sky Broadcasting as a Senior UI Developer. Roberts is an active member of Smashing Magazine’s Experts Panel and a .Net Awards finalist. He created Inuit.css, a powerful open source framework based in SASS, and currently writes a lot of great articles at his website csswizardry.

Roberts main interest is the provision of accessible and well-designed websites, especially in the front end. He criticizes some practices that break standards and good form in favor of looks and performance, offering alternatives that maintain a balance of the latter while keeping standards-compliant code. In his blog entry Your logo is an image, not a <h1> he shows his concern over the practice of using headers as containers for logos, impairing accessibility for screen readers, and proposes correct tagging with <img> for images or <em> for text logos.

He also encourages a do-it-yourself approach in web design, acknowledging that the tips he publishes will not always apply to all circumstances. In his post You know your context – on critical thinking and thinking for yourself he is emphatic on how self-determination allows for an evaluation of limitations and advantages towards a proper application on what the designer learns.

Harry is willing to participate in speeches, particularly in the CSS field, his expertise.

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