40+ High Resolution 3K Video Time Lapses: Nature & City Landscapes

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Beauty in motion for your projects

44 time-lapse videos with 3K resolution, in mp4 format, delivered in 3 different collections. Including beautiful natural landscapes and also urban scenery and locations from Scotland, Norway, England, Italy, Georgia, Russia & UAE. Ideal for any project, from video production to web design and presentations. Normally priced $49, just $19 for a limited-time!

Top Features

  • 3K Hi-Res time-lapse video files
  • 44 total video files in .mp4 format
  • 3455 x 2304 px, 24 fps, h.264 codec, .mp4 files
  • Scotland, Norway, England, Italy, Georgia, Russia & UAE locations
  • Beautiful Nordic natural landscapes
  • Mountains, lakes, valleys, trees, forests, sunshines, clouds, fog & other natural wonders
  • Skyscrapers, bridges, castles, houses and many more architectural and urban sceneries
  • Scenes shot at different times of the day, find sunsets, daylight and night takes

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