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This special package for developers includes 3 professionally made admin dashboard templates, fully functional & production ready, built with the latest technologies with clean code and jam packed with pages & components, so you can implement them into your projects right away

The bundle includes Aatrox -a template build with HTML + TailwindCSS & Laravel, Drik -a React admin dashboard built with Material UI library, and Matx -a premium Angular and Material Design dashboard. They’ve been built following the highest industry standards for each framework, best practices and naming conventions, they’re highly customizable and developer friendly

With this package, you’ll receive all the files necessary to create awesome experiences with each of these premium templates -HTML, SCSS, Sass, JS, CSS, JSON, etc. They feature Light & Dark versions, hundreds of premade pages, components for charts, datatables, Scrum Boards, Chat Apps, Multilevel Menus & much more, you can preview the fully functional demos below!

Regularly, these templates would cost over $117 when purchased separately, but with this limited time offer you can get all 3 in one fell swoop with a great discount, get them for just $29

You Will Receive:

  • 3 professional admin dashboard templates
  • Clean code, production ready
  • Developed with TailwindCSS, Laravel, React & Angular
  • Material design UI library
  • Dark versions & different layout styles
  • Created with best practices & conventions in mind
  • Hundreds of pages & components
  • All the source code files included
  • Commercial use license

Dashboard templates included in this pack

Check out the HTML Dashboards Here

Aatrox – Laravel & TailwindCSS Dashboard Template

Aatrox is a dev-friendly dashboard template made with TailwindCSS and Laravel implementation, with 3 different layout styles, modern & unique design, and production-ready for developers and programmers

Check out Aatrox’s demo here

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Drik – React Dashboard Template

Drik is a professional and clean dashboard template made with React, built with Material UI library, includes dark version & 2 different layout styles

Check out Drik’s demo here

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Matx – Angular Dashboard Template

Matx is an admin dashboard template developed with Angular, using the official Material Design components library, and following Angular’s own best practises & naming conventions

Check out Matx’s demo preview here

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